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As I read a chapter from David Jauss’s Alone With All That Could Happen, I found myself also thinking about this Story that has no name yet, and that I’ve been trying to write for at least half the semester. I have wondered off and on if I’m not trying to write two stories as one, and what it would look like as two. Today I wondered if, in fact, I was trying to write about two characters as one, two personalities shoved into one body, and the story’s various transformations can be explained by the character switching between one and the other. I also wondered (as I have before) if perhaps this simply needs more space–a book or a couple chapters rather than a short story. And also, I wondered about the nature of the protagonist’s relationship to the (sadly rather undeveloped) secondary character–whether she was just a body in his life, a part of his routine, or whether there was something more there, a relationship.

The latter I may have the answer to–although this thing keeps changing, and probably will continue to do so. But I think that the answer lies in a balance between the two–a tension, a transition.

I’m wondering if that’s the answer to the other problems, too.

Which comes first, the story or the structure? They are inseparable of course, but I’ve been trying to figure out each one by playing with the other, and sitting and thinking isn’t getting much done.


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