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ANNOUNCMENT: I do not apologize for not posting that Thursday–which one was it, again, last week’s? the week before?–and I shall not apologize for sporadic blogging again for the rest of the semester. I should probably not be blogging at this moment; although I really do think blogging does something for me, as a person and a writer, makes me think more clearly, deepens my sight. But anyway, think of this blog as being on a semi-hiatus. At least until (if) I get this time-management thing more under control.

We are reading various words written by Joan Didion in my readings course, and in an interview published in

she talks about her rituals: sleeping in a room with the manuscript when it’s in the final stages, and taking an hour and a drink before dinner to go over that day’s work.

I realize that I don’t have many rituals. In a way, I don’t have time for them: the pressures of so many deadlines of such varied degrees of importance make time a precious, panicked resource. This is partly, I know, because I am disorganized. When you’re continually rushing to finish something that’s due tomorrow, it’s hard to be ritualistic.

But if there’s one thing that growing up Catholic has taught me, it’s that rituals exist for very real reasons. And if there’s one thing being a student has taught me, it’s that I need structure to get anything done.

I am thinking about what those rituals might be for me. I’ll get back to you on that.


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