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That I am a procrastinator, and always have been, and probably always will be, is not shocking news to the world. If, by some miracle of God, I were ever to become a canonized saint, I would be the patron saint of procrastinators.

The Internet, whom I like to think of as my friend, is actually the enabler of my weaknesses. (See: this blog post, written while I have approximately one hour to read six or seven student essays, pick one, and build a workshop around it.)

I actually like the feeling of getting things done. I like the idea of sitting down for a day of work and crossing bunches of stuff off my to-do list. I love lists. I need lists. If I don’t have a tangible, written list, I keep a list in my head, or try to, and that eventually drives me crazy. So, written lists. I like Gmail’s task feature.

I love planning out how and when and for how long I’m going to do things. Give me a free day, and I will map it out with things to do, to accomplish. Give me the morning of the free day, and I will sit around in my pajamas. Give me the afternoon of the free day, I will poke around on Facebook and Twitter and follow all their rabbit trails. Give me the evening of the free day, I will read a book. And give me the day after, and I berate myself for having gotten nothing done.

Give me a deadline, and I will get things done. In the few days before a thing is due. This is, sadly, how the majority of my work gets done.

The crazy thing is, despite my procrastination, and despite my general lack of organization (lists aside), I am also a perfectionist. This really is *not* a happy combination, in terms of my stress levels. But I suppose that perfectionism is what keeps the negative effects of my procrastination in check.

And now that I have procrastinated by reflecting on my procrastination, I must return to my students’ essays. I’m not sure what it is, but I swear that this is the second or third time I’ve found one of them using the word “perspicacity.” I don’t like it when I have to look up a word a student uses. Have they ever heard of astute or shrewd? Simpler words, but I like them better.


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I guess everybody’s talking about snow today. There certainly is a lot of it. Snow photo albums are popping up all over Facebook (even by my mom!), and I guess I’d make one too, if I had a camera. There’s a good two or three feet out there. It’s hard to tell whose car is whose in the parking lot.

Oh, and then there’s the giant snowman.

(By giant I mean seven or eight feet.)

Luckily it is not sitting in the driveway, which is where its bottom portion was located for a long time last night. People were also having snowball fights on the fire escapes of neighboring buildings. It’s just like when we were kids and snow was awesome.

Awesome like the giant snowball fight scheduled on the Cathedral lawn tomorrow afternoon. Heck yes!

Later today the boyfriend and I will probably brave the roads to an Olympic party. (The sensible thing would be to cancel it, but I highly doubt it will be canceled, and so we are going.) Until then I have all day to get things done. Snow should be good for writing, shouldn’t it? With a cup of tea or cocoa and a bowl of soup. This sounds good. Very good.

There is something incredible about snow. How it can be this big, powerful thing–I see these massive overhangs on the roof outside my window, and the trees are laden with snow, and the cars cannot drive for snow, and I thought we were going to lose electricity last night. But for all this power, it is quiet. The world is calmer, very still. You can shout and it soaks up your voice and returns it to silence. There is nothing sharp about it, but the clarity of the senses–hearing, feeling, seeing–so penetrating.

There is something wonder-full about that.

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