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While conspiring with the internet to procrastinate my long list of Things I Have To Do By TOMORROW, I stumbled across the NaNoWriMo Coffee House, and was pleasantly surprised to find it active.

It’s a pretty happening place in November, and when it first “opened” in 2004 it stayed active all year round. But now, come January, it drifts around aimlessly, knocked about now and then by a few stray posts.

Reading it reminded me that I have an idea for this year’s NaNo–a vague one, granted, with two vivid characters and an opening setting–and it also reminded me of one of last year’s failed beginnings that might also make a good novel. Which means that more than one idea is vying to be written–which has been, in the past, a good sign.

What makes me think I’ll have time to do NaNo this year when last year I unceremoniously gave up and ran away screaming?

I’ll tell you what: if I can get excited about NaNoWriMo–more importantly, if I can get excited about my NaNoWriMo novel–then I’m golden. I know I can do it. And I think part of the key is lurking around the forums, getting back in the communal spirit and feeling the electricity that runs through those threads, even in the off-season. That was how I first met NaNoWriMo; how my first November Novel came together, bits and pieces sticking to each other and then exploding into something.

And I need to be excited for November, for the actual month, the season of fall, which always, always feels like the Time of Novels to me.

And I need to write some good old speculative fiction.

And I need to figure out what trouble is rumbling at the bottom of the mountain my characters are skiing on.


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