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I am drowning–sputtering, floundering, suffocating–in stories that need to be graded before tomorrow so that I can plan class for Thursday–so no real blog post. But I had to share this. It speaks too much to my experience of working at a local supermarket, and the signs that were posted there.


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The other day I sent my students an email with a link to this. I wish there were one for the dash. Last week they had to write 100+ word sentences, which meant we were talking about punctuation.

I really do like punctuation and how it makes sentences fit together; over the summer I’d like to put more thought into teaching it and spend more time on it in the fall. But for last week, I let myself get excited about dashes. “They are the drama queens!” I told them, and related my stories about dashes.

Some of them were amused. Some of them looked at me with expressions wondering how such a dork was allowed to stand in front of a classroom full of college freshmen. It was great.

Today we talked about fragments. Not how they’re bad, but how they can be wonderful when you use them on purpose.

Yes. I was excited about this too. I even contemplated throwing the book over my shoulder; but I didn’t. Maybe next semester.

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